It happens to everyone.

Why it occurs is insignificant --
Our reactions, however, speak volumes
will you fall down or rise above?


Jozette said...

So sad. When rejected I could not think at all ahead, I would always look behind. But in the end, I think I always rose above it.

kelly ann said...

oh, i definitely fell down hard in the moment... and i let myself lie there, in my rejection. i let it seep in and consume me and i felt every emotion that bubbled up. and then, i made a choice. to get up. to dust off my broken heart and put it back together... and even though that was not easy and it was painful, i knew i had to. it was for the better. and one day, i felt mended. and it felt GOOD. it's a process, it's a choice... but you will get there, and it will be victorious.

lavelle said...

you always post such lovely photos xx