Simple Pleasures

Life's simple joys are often what makes it worth living. They consist of where we go when we're feeling sad, who we surround ourselves with for a good laugh, or what brings a smile to our faces. Where would we be without the little things?
Simple Pleasures:
dipping my toes in cool water
taking a pretty polaroid
cashmere sweaters
lifting my face to the rain
picking a perfect flower
robin's egg blue
squishing my toes in the sand
soft chiffon
crying from laughter
seeing the sun stream through the curtains


kelly ann said...

"Where would we be without the little things?"

oh goodness, i don't want to know! ;) all of your simple pleasures are just splendid.

C'est La Vie said...

mmmm i like this....

lavelle said...

lovely simple pleasures

Jozette said...

Super fantastic, reminds me to live in the moment,,,,sometimes i forget. Thanx

Erin said...

I love the colors, especially in the last picture-- awesome blog!