if you could have one wish,
what would it be?


Erin said...

these are gorgeous--what a lovely blog :-)

lavelle said...

for a piece of that cake!

lovely lovely photos


Urban Legendary said...

Oh my. I love your blog! I'll definitely be following. xx

Anonymous said...

I'd wish for a thousand more wishes, or I'd wish for none at all.

lovely blog.

rouli said...

cool post!!!!!!!so magical!

lovely blog!!!!!!!!

come visit me if u fancy!!!!!!!


Ces't La Vie said...

i would wish to not have a care in the world, especially $$$$
then i would move to Europe and live the life :)


S and O said...

cake? I'm so in!
I would wish for a chance to back pack and travel through Europe :)

how about you?


p.s. love your header! :)

Jodes said...

wow, your blog is so lovely and quaint!
such beautiful images and little thinkers.
perfect combination, sweetheart!

i would wish for more wishes. that is usally not allowed, though. when i visited a wishing fountain in singapore, my wish was to be content each day and in my life as a whole.

Stéphanie said...

What a lovely blog !

Catherine said...

hmm.. to live to the fullest! I absolutely love your blog!!

Catherine said...

Oh, and I'm following you. And every time I click on your blog I crave raspberry pancakes.