being pretty doesn't make it real
[photos from weheartit.com]
wonder: what hides beneath my mask?
if we wanted others to know, would it be put on each morning?
too scared to take it off


magnoliaamber said...

same cases applied to me.

Ah, sometimes I think are we supposed to wear mask or to take it off?

Away with the fairy's said...

Adore your blog1 will be foloowing :)


Stray From The Mode said...

Your blog is very beautiful, I have to say... :p

Cha ♥ said...

Sometimes when you wear a mask too long you forget what's underneath it. You have a lovely little blog here <3

Lauren Fernandez said...

i saw the link for your blog on the thread that i started on teenvogue.com and so i decided to check it out. but then i realized that i already follow you! brain lapses will be the death of me, but great blog keep it up! the images here are so inspiring. happy blogging!

muchlove said...

These mask photos are beautiful.

Artpixie said...

Ooh these pictures are beautiful, did you take them yourself?

anyway i love your blog
keep up the great posts


Lali said...

Beautiful pictures. :)