when you get lonely
and think you cannot spend one more moment sitting here alone
but then when trying to sit up
your legs are like lead, arms like ice
what can make it better?
[photos by seaembraces]


and flowers pick themselves said...

coffee // katharine hepburn movies // spanish guitar // thick socks...

hope you feel happy&creative soon!

xo Alison

pumkyn said...

Nothing can make it better.

S and O said...

a change...do something different, wild, fun, and totally unexpected :)


Ma princesse de pĂȘches said...

I get like this sometimes, uninspired, lonely, unhappy. I just find photography I love or great fashion. Think of a few things/people that make you truly happy and it may help. If not I hope you feel better soon :)Oh and keep posting coz i love reading them!
xx. Peach Princess &hearts

Lulu Peddar said...

a cup of tea, a hug, a warm blanket (if it's cold!) and a classic like Cabaret on tv! x

Coco said...

I love photos that portray feelings like this, things that are difficult to articulate otherwise. Lovely pics.

Bek said...

Sad words. SUch lovely pictures. I always find people watching, tea and Camera Obscura perfect for down days x

Lolo said...

This is exactly how I feel at the moment :(
It horrible isn't it?