Take a Stroll

[my photographs]
Maybe if we walk enough
One day our feet will leave the ground
We can go anywhere
Do anything
Be anyone


Anonymous said...


what is the smallest crane you made?
I used to be able to make cranes with half-inch by half-ince squares.

missb@dragonflyvintage said...

I just discovered your blog this afternoon. It's so lovely and inspiring. I look forward to seeing more...

Indie.Tea said...

Wow, those photographs are lovely...I love the tones and the vintage feel.

loucieee said...

Ahh, origamis. I have thought to make some of them and hang it on the ceiling. :)

Artpixie said...

I feel like i am in love with your blog! Keep up the great posts, and nice layout btw :)

Ruthie said...

Amazing Photos and Blog!! So glad I found it. I'm your newest follower


Anonymous said...

Seriously amazing blog! how did you come up with the title it's brilliant...ahh I remember doing origami, mine never seemed to turn out right though :)



Jen said...

Where do I start? The pictures, the words, everything is perfect!

johanna said...

ohhh so cute, really lovely!
I'm following you
Take a look on my blog and follow if you want http://sketchbooksix.blogspot.com/

and on my facebook

Hope you like it.
Love, johanna

Danielle said...

These are such gorgeous photographs. I'm a new follower, your blog is amazing!

Whispy Love said...


Shukura said...

beautiful photographs

simple and clean
what camera do u have?


andrea said...

beautiful pictures! i love the red flare in the top one! though it makes me sad because i own the camera pictured in it. it was my first camera and i managed to break it just this summer. poor nikon n65 :(